Are you the cream-of-the-crop at what you do best? Then we want you to help us automate el mundo. We offer a 30-hour work week, 21 paid days off, 401(k) matching, and Kaiser health insurance coverage.

Programmers require the following skills:

  1. touch typing
  2. vi editor
  3. C programming language
  4. database design
  5. fundamental financial accounting
  6. PredictiveBooks
  7. Appaserver
  8. Appaserver's core principles
  9. Appaserver development
  10. computer programs (opens new window)

Bookkeepers require the following skills:

  1. touch typing
  2. fundamental financial accounting
  3. PredictiveBooks
  4. computer information systems
  5. business communications

Unfortunately, we are not currently hiring programmers or bookkeepers. Please keep checking.

Here is the PredictiveBooks training material.