PredictiveBooks screen-dump

PredictiveBooks is enterprise software. It is customizable to exploit your competitive advantage. Your financial statements can always be accurate up to the second and down to the penny.

Using PredictiveBooks, you can always know your organization's value. When it changes, you'll know why. Drill down to the root cause.

The Database Schema is a technical overview. The Source Code is open to the public.

PredictiveBooks was written based on the algorithms presented in The Accountancy Model.

Accountancy Model cover The Accountancy Model is an accounting math book. Also available is the corresponding The Accountancy Model Examples. Paperback versions of these books are available at a nominal cost.

The Accountancy Model assists the Accountancy Profession to model a firm's economic events. Economic events are observed and then processed through a highly defined algorithm. The basic model begins with the identity:

Assets = Liabilities + Owners' Equity

Each Asset, Liability, and Owners' Equity expands to many accounting subclassifications. Each subclassification further expands to many accounts. After an economic event is observed, the appropriate accounting model is mathematically applied. The output from the model is a journal entry.